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Cookie policy for websites and applications

On our sites, we use Internet tags, such as files, e.g. cookies or local storage, collection and processing of personal data for personalization of content and advertisements as well as traffic analysis on websites, applications and the Internet. In this way, this technology is also used by our trusted partners who also want the ads placed to meet your needs.


Policy of cookies and other similar technologies that we use on all our sites and applications:
By using the websites of the Invest in Kotor, with the correct browser settings, you agree to use cookies and other similar technologies in in accordance with the Cookie Policy. If you do not agree with the use of cookies or similar technologies, or wish to limit the scope of the use of cookies and similar technologies, you should change your settings accordingly (as described above)

What are cookies?

A cookie is a simple text file that is stored in a web browser while a user is browsing a website.

Cookies usually contain the name of the site from which the user visits the site, and the existence of the cookie will generate a unique number that is used to identify browsers that require a link to the site. With this policy, information about cookies also applies to other similar technologies used on the websites and applications of the Invest in Kotor.

Other similar technologies are used to ensure the optimal use of your data, for example, local storage, which is used to save data recorded during the use of services in a special part (browser memory). Access to data in Local Storage can only be obtained from the website from which the data was saved in the browser. Data in the Local Storages is saved even after the browser is closed.

For what purpose do we use cookies or other similar technologies?

Invest in Kotor uses cookies or other similar technologies for the following purposes:

- to make websites and applications work faster and be easier to use,
- in order to optimize the content as well as for the appropriate placement of advertising messages , in accordance with the expectations and interests of the User,
- in order to collect statistics that allow us to understand how websites are used (including the services of ourše application) and in order to improve functionality and content.

On the pages of the Invest in Kotor, you can use:

Visit cookies – are on the device only when you use the websites of the Invest in Kotor.

Persistent cookies - they remain on your device until the defined lifetime of the cookie or until you delete them in the browser.

For what and how cookies are used:

Cookies are used for the purpose of identifying the registered user, and for the purpose of displaying relevant information that corresponds to the user's interests.

Security support mechanisms that prevent fraud:

They are necessary for the proper functioning of the pages and the display of the content of the Invest in Kotor and allow you to navigate through them.

Want to invest in Kotor?

Want to invest in Kotor?

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